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Technomatic is one of the leading manufacturers of 3D Wheel Aligners in India. Located in Faridabad, the company manufacturers wheel aligners, tyre changers, wheel balancers etc.

Technomatic is one of India’s most trusted and professional company in the field of Garage Equipments. One of the distinct characteristics of this trustworthy company is its promise to meet success & perfection.

Technomatic Automotive Components Pvt. Ltd. nurtures an enterprise to stand tall in the realm of Automobile Industry by proffering the best quality equipments in the field of Garage Equipments. The enterprise of Technomatic has primarily been founded by its promoters, who have an immaculate technical knowledge and huge experience in the automobile industry.

The founders of the company made a humble beginning by starting a small venture driven by their passion towards automobiles. Seeing the growth of this industry we later started manufacturing injector cleaning machines followed by engine de-carbonizing machines and a/c gas recovery recharging machines and other garage equipments.  The quality of our equipment attracted many multinational companies and became their trusted OEM. We eventually created a good market reputation of our brand “technomatic” and launched technomatic range of garage equipment’s.

We have a global exposure and knowledge of automobile repairing and servicing industry and thoroughly understand the requirements of our customers in terms of latest technology, equipments and services to move hand-in-hand with the fast growing automotive industry in India.

In addition to offering equipment with world class technology we also understand the importance of after sales service and accordingly we have developed a strong sales and service network across the country through our own offices, dealer network and resident engineers.

We have all the newest kind of equipments, professional workforce & their expertise; all these are judiciously implemented to create a widespread range of best possible products as per the needs of the customers. With such professional & corporate perspective, Technomatic is undoubtedly a market leader among its contemporaries. One of the prime reasons behind the credibility & trustworthiness of Technomatic is the excellent quality of its products. Technomatic is steered by its lone dedication towards the good after sales service, quality of products, customer satisfaction in the world of technological advancement.

The comprehensive & highly motivated team with an impressive marketing approach has been realized by Technomatic to set themselves far above their competitors and also to surpass the customer expectations.

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