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A/c Gas Recovery machine

A/C Gas Recovery : ARR - 1050S

A/C Gas Recovery Machine ARR - 1050S

A/C Gas Recovery: ARR-1050S was manufactured keeping in mind the convenience and the ease of operation for our users. It has an LCD display, a user friendly operation interface and the most important, is easy to operate. A 12L rechargeable tank, with safety device for full, empty and over pressure and a high precision scale makes it stand high in the Indian Market.

Functions and Features

  • Multifunction: recovery, recycle, evacuate, recharge, leakage test.
  • LCD display, friendly operation interface, easy to operate
  • 12L rechargeable tank,with safety device for full, empty and over pressure
  • Adopt high precise scale


Compressor Power : 400W
Vacuum Pump Speed : 60L/min
Weight Scale Capacity for Refrigerant : 0-60kg
Weight Scale Accuracy for Refrigerant : ±10g
Recovery Speed : 250g/min
Recharging Speed : 900g/min
Tank Capacity : 12L
Dimension : 680mm*600mm*1160mm
Weight : 67kg
A/c Gas Recovery Machine

A/C Gas Recovery : ARR - 1100F

A/C Gas Recovery Machine ARR - 1100F

ARR-1100F comes with multifunction test which includes recovery, recycle, evacuate , recharge and leakage detection.This model from A/C gas recovery posseses a self cleaning and a fully automatic function,thus facilitating complete recovery,vacuum and recharge by the easy press of one single key.

Functions and Features

  • Refrigerant recovery,recycle and recharge
  • Vacuum function
  • Leak detection
  • Electronic scale for full-automatic refrigerant recovery
  • Electronic scale for refrigerant recharge
  • Electronic scale for refrigerant oil recharge
  • Self-cleaning function: After the recovery operation, all the  refrigerant remained in the recovery machine will be charged to the cylinder compulsorily
  • Full automatic function: press one key and complete recovery, vacuum, recharging.


Compressor Power : 260W
Vacuum Pump Speed : 60L/min
Weight Scale Capacity for Refrigerant : 60kg
Weight Scale Accuracy for Refrigerant : ±10g
Weight Scale Capacity for Oil : 2Kg
Weight Scale Accuracy for Oil : ±2g
Recovering Speed : 120-150g/min
Recharging Speed : 800g/min
Tank Capacity : 12L
Length of External Hose : 2.0M
Dimension : 720X650X1170mm
Weight : 75kg
Gross weight : 80kg
Frequency : 50/60HZ
A/C Gas Recovery Machine

A/C Gas Recovery : VALUE 100

A/C Gas Recovery Machine Value 100

Technomatic ARR Value-100 A/C Service Station, automotive cleaning and care series is an A/C Gas Recycling Machine. Developed on the advanced technology of VALUE series, it is the latest production for refrigerant recovering and recharging. With an exquisite and a highly competitive design, more durability than the traditional productions, fully considered for applicability and economy, will certainly satisfy its users


  • Professional Industrial Design and Perfect Appearance
  • Combined Advanced Technology to Ensure Stable and Reliable Quality
  • Selecting High Standard Components to Ensure Used Unfailingly
  • Failure Rate Near to zero by using integrated module with patented technology
  • Higher Oil Separation Efficiency
  • Long-term After-service Support
  • Graphic Representation of Operating interface is easy for users
  • Simple and Convenient to Maintain


Power : AC220V±10%-50/60Hz, AC110V±10%-60Hz
Recharging precision : ±15g
Recovery Efficiency : 84-100%
Oil Separation Efficiency : 96-100%
Max. Pressure : 17.5bar
Compressor : 3/8 HP
Vacuum Pump : 4CFM
Ultimate Vacuum : 5Pa


A/c Gas Recovery Machine

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