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Spot welder

Spot Welder Tec X7


  • Spot Welder Double Sided Spot Welding.
  • Copper transformer for heavy duty load.
  • Equipped with fan Cooling Thermal Protection.
  • Max double-sided spot welding thickness - 2+2 mm.


Spot Welder Tec 9900

Tec-9900 Auto Plate Renovated Machine with initiative technology is different from the other repair machines . Features include: according to the input alternating current 380V, inner operation voltage regulated automatically by micro processor control, digital large blue light LCD displays Chinese-English showing different operation cases clearly; Unique sliding welding torch rake with front-back flexible turning 360Degree, 10 modes preset memory program, infinitely regulate current and integrated current reading with high accuracy. FY-9900 is a synthesis machine with multifunction for different automobile plates repairing.

Feature :

  • Voltage monitor automatically
  • Over-heat protection
  • Repair functions for different steels auto body including stainless steel and other materials
  • One side welding and double sides welding can be chosen
  • LCD digital screen displays Chinese and English
  • Large puller and waveform welding
  • Equipped with infinitely current regulate
  • Welding function for different plates such as heat, meson, vertical pulling, spot welding, flatten, waveform line, stud, OT type washer and triangle washer
  • Possess gas filtrate and regulate function
  • Unique cable rack, have front-back flexible function, can turn 3600 degree
  • Triangle washer direct spot welding repair
  • 10 modes memory function
  • Unique double sides welding electrode for option


Input Voltage : 380 V or 220V  50/60Hz
Input Power : 26.8 KVA
Input current : 60 A
Instand max. current : 9900 A
One side welding thickness : 1.0+1.5 MM
The thickness of double-side welding : 2.5+2.5 MM
Operation way : Electronic timer continuity
Dimension : 680mm*600mm*1160mm
Input gas source pressure : 6-10kg
Time regulation system : 0-99ms Time Setting available
Current adjustment : Infinitely
Power cable length : 2500+2500, 2300+1900 MM
Vacuum suction : 180 KG
Claw puller : Available
Vertical pull welding torch : Available
Dimension : 920×600×1780 MM
Weight : 138 KG
Welding Machine
Spot Welder


Inverter Spot Welding Machine

V6 Inverter Spot Welding Machine 12000Amps Machine only Maximum Absorbed Power 80KVA Rated Power X=50% 25KVA, Power Factor cosphi 0.8, Inverter Frequency 2000Hz, Secondary no load voltage 3-21V, Input Air 5-8Bar, Maximum weld thicknes on 2 sheets 4+4mm, Insulation class F, Protection degree Ip21. Inverter spot welding system V6 is used by body shops to duplicate the welding procedure used by the car manufactures.

Feature of Inverter spot welding system V6:

Zinc galvanized metal plates are often used in car bodies. Zinc has a lower melting point (9500F) compared to steel (22500F). A single welding pulse will cause splatter in zinc plates affecting the weld quality.

With Inverter technology, precise multiple pulse welding current is used to weld galavanized plates. A first lower current pulse melts and vaporize the zinc and pre-heats the welding zone. Subsequent pulses at higher current melts and fuses the plates together.

Appropriate welding waveforms are built into the inverter spot welder to suit different types and thicknesses of different steels to achieve consistent and strong spot welds.

  • A variety of welding waveforms with single and multiple pulse modes for precise welding control.
  • Microprocessor controlled three phase inverter (MFDC 2000Hz).
  • High quality spot welds on various types of steels such as HSS, AHSS, UHTS, galvanized and stainless steels.
  • Over 200 pre set programs according to the types and thickness of the materials used and choice of welding clamps.
  • Maximum spot welding current 12000A
  • Standard equipment include water cooled clamp, air cooled cables and built in water cooling system
  • Ideal for bodyshop repairs and production works
  • Monitors and control the spot welding process
  • Stored spot welding programs are customized
  • Bi-lingual display, change on - the -fly
  • The main component have UL and CE approval: Breaker, contactor, screen, IC, IGBT, rectifier relay, Capacitor
  • Large 5 x 7 inch colour LCD control panel with graphical interface and conveniently placed Button functions
  • Pneumatic pressure sensors - protects against over and under pressure situations
  • Lightweight C-clamp and manual gun for single sided and stud welding operations
  • Cleaner welding current, therefore less interruption to shop electrical system
  • Sense the voltage and auto-compensates for the power source
  • Less consumption of primary power
  • IGBT component made in Japan
  • ABB switch and contactors
  • Double piston cylinder with upto 350 DaN clamping force
  • Software in CPU is upgradeable through internet access


Input Voltage(50/60Hz) : 400V 3pH or 208-240V 3pH
Max absorbed power(KW) : 73
Rated power x=50%(KW) : 25
Max welding current : 12000A(3pH)
Max short circuit current : 13000A(3pH)
Power factor(cosphi) : 0.8
Secondary no load voltage(V) : 4-21
Duty cycle(%) : 5
Inverter frenquency(Hz) : 2000
Cooling system : Air(2 fans), compressor air for
Welding cable lengthe : 7.2(2.2m)stand
Max weld thick on sheets(mm) : 4+4 or 2+2+2
Vacuum suction : 180 KG
Insulationm class : H
Pretection degree : IP22
Welding Machine

Spot Welder Tec - V6+

Paint Booth 8400

Specifications :

  • Air pressure
  • Voltage testing
  • Offset Voltage
  • Temperature sencer monitoring
  • Lack of phase
  • Over-current
  • Thermal protections
Welding Machine


Specifications :

  • Single Sided Gun
  • C-Gun
  • Water cooling Cables/C-gun/xgun/
  • Arm sets/Radiator/Transformer
  • X -Gun. 8"LCD Display
Welding Machine

Spot Welder Tec - V8+


  • Bilingual
  • Double pistons cylinder
  • Ideal for car-body works and serial productions
  • Customisation of any stored spot welding programs
  • Operation with pneumatic clamp, manual and studder welding
  • Senses the voltage and auto-compensates for the power source
  • Control and regulation of all the steps of the spot welding process
  • Microprocessor controlled, three-phases, inverter (MFDC 2000 Hz) resistance welding
  • Automatic control of the spot welding current (13000 A) continuous and pulse operation
  • High efficiency and productivity improved in comparison with the traditional resistance welding systems
  • Over 200 pre-set programs according to the kind and thickness of the material used and to the kind of clamp chosen
  • High quality and aesthetic of the spot on all kinds of high resistance steels, HSS, AHSS, galvanized steels and stainless steels
  • Standard equipment: Water cooled clamp and air cooled cables, built-in water cooling system, arm and balancer to hold the clamp
  • Control Panel: Use a large 5x8" monitor to display images and clip art and software is stored on an upgradeable CPU


Model : V8+
Spot Welding Gun : Single Sided Gun, C-Gun, X -Gun
Welding Pulse : Single Pulse, Double welded, Pulse welding, No Spark welding
Display system : 8"LCD Display
Protection and Testing functions : Memory card&Automitic adjusting the pressure functions, Air pressure, Voltage testing, Offset Voltage, Temperature sencer monitoring, Lack of phase, Over-current, Thermal protections, cooling fluid monitoring
Cooling System : Water cooling Cables/C-gun/x-gun/Arm sets/Radiator/Transformer
Input Voltage(50/60Hz) : 380-415V/3pH or 208-240V/3pH
No-load Voltage(V) : 4-21V
Max Welding Current(A) : 13000A
Max Current(A) : 14000A
Max Absorbed power(KW) : 75KW
Rated Power X=50%(KW) : 26KW
Power Factor(cosphi) : 0.8
Max Welding Thickness(mm) : 4+4 or 2+2+2
Max electrodes power 8bar(daN) : X-Gun 345; C-Gun 350(600Lb)
Duty Cycle : 8%
Insulation class : H
Protection degree : IP22
Diamension(mm) : 800*730*1260
Net Weight (kg) : 190
Welding Machine

MIG welder

TEC - 280

  • Mig Welder
  • Deep weld penetration
  • Minimal fuse splash
  • Tapped circuit
  • Highly Efficient
Mig Welder Tec - 280
Welding Machine

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